Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is one of my favorite slow cooker recipes! Buffalo chicken dip! This is one of my favorite appetizer that hits the mark every time. This dish is easy, its savory, its tangy, its creamy, its delicious and it is a crowd pleaser. Serve this with tortilla chips or vegetables. It wont disappoint.

The Recipe

Warning! I cook like my grandmother taught me, so you may have to adjust your portions for your needs.

  • Take a couple of chicken breasts and toss them in the slow cooker. Make sure to coat the cooker with cooking spray.
  • Add a little water, just for moisture.
  • Give this dish a kick by adding a 3/4 cup, more if you like it tasty, of hot sauce. We like Frank’s Red Hot.
  • Let it cook for about 2:30 minutes and then break the chicken up and keep adding yummy goodness.
  • Give it some creaminess with 2 (8 ounce) packages of cream cheese.
  • I like to add about 1 cup of ranch dressing, this just boosts it up a notch. Oh ya, don’t be afraid of blue cheese.
  • Finally about a cup and a half of cheddar cheese. I always use way more.
  • Let this mixture simmer for awhile and then get those chips and vegies out and let your quests enjoy!
  • If your fancy, or you like onions, you may want to toss some green onion on the top.
  • The cool thing is that this just gets better with time so put that slow cooker on low and you will enjoy this for hours.





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