Hello Football Fanatics!

Football has an amazing way to get all of us together, food, family, friends and football is always a great recipe for fun entertaining, parties and tailgates.

My name is Peter and I absolutely love football. I grew up cheering for the Baltimore Colts, wow that is old school, I think I just liked the uniforms.

Every time I go to a football party there is always yummy food and usually a slow cooker has been involved when preparing some of my favorite football party snacks or meals.

A good friend of mine loves the Denver Broncos and I tend to visit his house when they play. He always creates a great slow cooker idea and that is when I decided to get him a Broncos Logo Slow Cooker! He loved it and uses it all the time. By the way he has some great recipes, always delicious.

I think that everyone that enjoys football and entertaining needs to get one of these football logo slow cookers, that is why I decided to make this website. These slow cookers are awesome and come adorned in NFL and NCAA logos.

You will be the social superstar when you cook and display your new football logo slow cookers!